Estate planning - sliding fee scale

A complete estate plan does more than just dispose of your assets after you die in the manner you wish.  It can also allow you to appoint someone you trust to manage your finances and/or make health care decisions for you in the event you become unable to make decisions for yourself, allows you to nominate a guardian and trustee for minor children, direct that the share of a beneficiary who receives public benefits or is not good at managing money be held in a trust so that they don't lose their benefits or spend their inheritance unwisely, and avoid family disputes over items of tangible personal property and other assets after you are gone. For those with significant assets an estate plan can also help reduce or eliminate estate taxes.

I believe everyone should have an estate plan, not just the wealthiest among us. That's why I charge a flat fee (rather than hourly rate) for estate planning services and reduce my estate planning fees for clients whose gross annual household income is below 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Your gross annual household income includes all income (before expenses) of all the income-earners living in your home. The amount of the fee reduction is shown on the sliding fee schedule shown below.

To qualify for reduced fees under this sliding fee schedule, you must request the fee reduction before services are provided and must provide documentation of your current gross household income. I may adjust this sliding fee schedule from time to time without notice.

To find the fee reduction that would apply to you, find the row on this chart in which the number of people in your household appears in the leftmost column. Then, search within that row for the figure that shows your total household income. The fee reduction for which you will qualify appears at the top of that column.
Number of People
in Your Household              50% Reduction                            25% Reduction                             10% Reduction                             No Reduction
1                                               Below $25,760                              $25,760 - $38,640                        $38,640 - $51,520                        Above $51,520
2                                              Below $34,480                              $34,480 - $51,720                         $51,720 - $68,960                        Above $68,960
3                                              Below $43,920                              $43,920 - $65,880                       $65,880 - $87,840                        Above $87,840
4                                              Below $53,000                              $53,000 - $79,500                       $79,500 - $106,000                     Above $106,000
5                                              Below $62,080                              $62,080 - $93,120                        $93,120 - $124,160                       Above $124,160
6                                              Below $71,160                                $71,160 - $106,740                        $106,740 - $142,320                     Above $142,320
7                                              Below $80,240                              $80,240 - $120,360                      $120,360 - $160,480                    Above $160,480
8                                              Below $89,320                              $89,320 - $133,980                      $133,980 - $178,640                    Above $178,640